Cardboard envelopes 

To protect your documents during their transportation, use the cardboard envelopes. Different sizes are available.

Strong points of the cardboard envelope :

  • very resistant, it will mail your documents safely
  • waterproof, it wil protect its content from water and bad weather
  • supple, it can be placed everywhere and especially in a mail box !
  • ecological because the cardboard is biodegradable and recyclable!

Different uses :

  • to ship important and official documents
  • to send magazines, catalogues, cartoons and small books
  • to mail CD and DVD
  • to send calendard

Sizes of the cardboard envelope :

  • A5 size for small books
  • A4 size for large books and magazines
  • A4+ size for cartoons
  • CD size for CD and CD-ROM
  • A3 size for large documents and books
  • A2 size for calendars

Colours in stock :

  • natural colour, that is to say brown
  • white colour

Different openings :

  • standard opening on the smallest side (width)
  • lateral opening for a better prehension of the product
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