Postal boxes 

Postal boxes

The postal boxes and the mailing tubes are ideal to send parcels at a low price.

  • Mailing boxes

    Mailing boxes are perfect to send products because they have enough strenght to protect their content. They are easy to close thanks to their locking flat and they are cheap !
  • Postal boxes with adhesive strip

    These postal boxes are equipped with an adhesive seal strip which allows you to return the parcel. You won't lose your time and your money thanks to them ! Several sizes available.
  • CD, DVD and book postal boxes

    A range of different postal boxes to send CD, DVD or books.
  • Flat postal boxes

    Let's find our range of flat cardboard boxes. Several sizes are available. They are specially made to send documents, books, DVD or video games by post.
  • Cardboard envelopes

    To protect your documents during their transportation, use the cardboard envelopes. Different sizes are available. Strong points of the cardboard envelope : very resistant, it will mail...
  • Cardboard tubes

    The cardboard tubes are made to send posters or other flat documents. Discover the different sizes.
  • Self-adhesive Documents Enclosed pouches

    Take a look at our different sizes of self-adhesive "Documents enclosed" pouches which can be placed on your parcels to identify the content without opening them.