Discover a wide variety of envelopes to mail your documents or small parcels : bubble envelopes, cardboard envelopes, plastic mailing bags…
  • Bubble envelopes

    Our products range comprises Mail Lite bubble envelopes and Embaleo bubble envelopes. These padded envelopes are high in quality and low in price. The more you buy bubble envelopes, the more the...
  • Cardboard envelopes

    The cardboard envelopes are perfect to mail important documents safely. They are produced in different sizes in order to be compatible with the different sizes of books, magazines and documents....
  • Bubble bags

    The bubble bags are perfect to send fragile goods. You can find them in packs of 10, 50, 100 or more. So, you can choose the quantity you need !
  • Opaque plastic mailing bags

    Several sizes of opaque plastic mailing bags to send your clothes or other textile cloth confidentially.