Kraft paper 

The kraft paper is the ideal protective wrap to wedge goods in cardboard boxes. Take a look at our different models : kraft paper roll, kraft paper sheet…

Strong points of the kraft paper :

  • practical to use
  • multi-purpose because it can be used for different purposes (see below)
  • supple and handy
  • ecological because it is mostly manufactured from wood which comes from well managed forests
  • 100 % recyclable

Main uses :

  • to wedge goods in a parcel
  • to protect objets
  • to be used as a food packaging (kraft paper bags for fruit and vegetables, chips, hazelnuts...)
  • to be used as an artistic support (only for kraft paper with high coat-weight)

Different basis weight :

  • 44 g/m2
  • 75 g/m2
  • 90 g/m2

Kraft paper sizes :

  • kraft paper rolls with different widths (from 50 cm to 1,20 m)
  • kraft paper padding

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