Plastic packaging bags 

Plastic packaging bags
Let's find a wide variety of platic packaging bags to wrap, protect and ship your products : zip bags, plastic pouches, plastic mailing bags…
  • Plastic mailing bags

    Discover our full range of plastic mailing bags : they can be opaque to send clothes confidentially or transparent to put in place goods during all the trip. Several sizes are available so you can...
  • ZIP lock bags

    Let's discover our range of clear zip lock bags which can have write-on panels to identify quickly their contents. A large number of sizes is available. Strong points of the zip lock bag :...
  • Kraft paper bags

    Discover our wide range of kraft paper bags. They are ideal for takeaways ! Strong points of the kraft paper bag : very strong and resistant, it can't tear during the transit practical, it...
  • Bubble bags

    The bubble bags are perfect to send fragile goods. You can find them in packs of 10, 50, 100 or more. So, you can choose the quantity you need !
  • Wicketed plastic bags

    The wicketed plastic bags are perfect to pack and wrap small items.
  • Refuse sacks

    A full range of refuse sacks to clean up your premises. Several capacities in stock.
  • Polyethylene layflat tubing

    The polythene layflat tubing is ideal to pack and wrap all kinds of products very quickly.
  • Shrink wrap

    The Bolloré (BE or BY) shrink wrap can be used for different purposes. Its solidity and suppleness protect your objets from bumps and knocks. Strong points of the shrink wrap : high capacity...