Stretch film 

Discover our different stretch film rolls to wrap your cardboard boxes together on a pallet.

Strong points of the stretch film :

  • waterproof, so the rain and dust can't go through the stretch wrap
  • elastic, so you can easily wrap the pallets and the parcels
  • self-adhesive, so you don't need to use an adhesive tape
  • tear-resistant
  • recyclable

Main uses :

  • to wrap the pallets in order to maintain and protect their contents
  • to ensure a stable load on each pallet
  • to wrap and preserve food

Number of layers used to produce the stretch film :

  • 3 layers of co-extruded plastic
  • 5 layers of co-extruded plastic

Different colours :

  • clear to identify the content quickly and the shipping address
  • white opaque to keep the confidentiality of the sending and to protect the goods from the light and the UV
  • black opaque to keep the confidentiality and to protect the products from the light

Thicknesses of the stretch film :

  • 15 microns, used for the pallets of less than 250 kg
  • 17 microns for the pallets from 250 kg to 400 kg
  • 20 microns for the pallets from 400 kg to 600 kg
  • 23 microns for the pallets of more than 600 kg

Several models :

  • standard roll of 45 x 300 cm
  • reel of 10 x 150 cm
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