Packaging tapes 

The packaging tape is ideal to seal the parcels and the cardboard boxes but also to secure wrapped items. Different types of packing tapes are in stock : PVC adhesive tapes, PP adhesive tapes, etc.

Different types of glue :

  • acrylic adhesive (or acrylate adhesive) which is resistant to UV
  • solvent adhesive for an instantaneous adhesion
  • Hot Melt adhesive which is ecological and resistant to brief temperature changes

Different types of adhesive backings :

  • polypropylene backing (PP) which is stretched lengthwise
  • polyvinyl carrier (PVC) which is stretched widthwise

Different colours :

  • clear (no colour)
  • tan, that is to say brown, this colour is created by the glue
  • many other colours obtained after the dying of the carrier (red, green, blue, yellow, etc.)

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