Adhesive packaging tapes and labels 

Adhesive packaging tapes and labels

A full range of adhesive and packaging tapes to close your cardboard boxes quickly. And several types of labels to identify the cardboard boxes after their shipping.

  • Packaging tapes

    The packaging tape is ideal to seal the parcels and the cardboard boxes but also to secure wrapped items. Different types of packing tapes are in stock : PVC adhesive tapes, PP adhesive tapes, etc....
  • Industrial tapes

    A full range of adhesive tapes for industrial and technical purposes :  masking tape to separate the different parts of a wall (or an other surface) when you are painting filament tape to...
  • Labels

    We offer you a wide variety of printed labels in order to detect quickly your products or parcels, and also, blank labels for the shipping of parcels.
  • Packaging tape dispensers

    Take a look at our different packing tape dispensers, they will help you to unroll your adhesive tape.