Protective packaging and cushioning material 

Protective packaging and cushioning material
Let's discover a wide variety of protective packaging : kraft paper, bubble wrap, foam wrap, air cushions, loose fill chips... to wedge your goods in a cardboard box.
  • Bubble wrap

    Different models of bubble wrap rolls to pack and protect all kinds of fragile objects.
  • Foam wrap

    The foam wrap is the best protective film to pack and protect fragile goods. Take a look at the different sizes of the foam film. Strong points of the foam wrap : low weight protective for...
  • Loose fill chips

    Our loose fill chips are made of polystyrene and are used to wedge the objects in a cardboard box. Strong points of the void fill : they absorb the shocks to protect the carried product...
  • Kraft paper padding

    The kraft paper padding is perfect to wedge goods in a cardboard box.
  • Kraft paper

    The kraft paper is the ideal protective wrap to wedge goods in cardboard boxes. Let's discover our different models : kraft paper roll, kraft paper sheet… Strong points of the kraft paper :...
  • Sizzle pak shredded paper

    The Sizzle Pak shredded paper is the ideal solution to make well-decorated packagings. Take a look at our wide variety of colours.
  • Cardboard tubing

    Let's take a look at our range of corrugated cardboard tubes. Several sizes are available.
  • Cardboard edge protectors

    Our cardboard edge protectors will help you to protect the corners of the pointed objects.
  • Corrugated cardboard

    The corrugated cardboard is made to pack, to wedge and to protect all types of objects in a box.