Embaleo white bubble envelope - size F 22 x 33 cm


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Padded bubble envelopes

Ideal to send small fragile objects like coloured pencils, charger...

With an adhesive strip to seal the envelope easily and save time.

Colour : white

Internal dimensions: 22 x 33 cm

White kraft paper (FSC certification) : 80 g/m2

Bubble film : 110 microns

Diameter of the bubbles : 10 mm

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There is a 3 mm tolerance which can reduce or increase the volume to the envelopes (example : for a envelope 22 x 33 cm, the length can be 32.7, 33 o 33.3 and the width can be 21.7, 22 or 22.3 cm according to delivery).

The Embaleo bubble envelopes

Our white bubble envelopes are of good quality (110 microns bubble film and kraft paper 80 g/m2) and they respect the environment (FSC certification). Perfect to mail and protect goods thanks to the bubbles. The bubble envelope is covered with kraft paper which gives it strength and helps us to write the address of the recipient on the envelope. From small to large size, you will find all the sizes of padded envelopes to ship a full range of objects like jewels, mobile phone accessories, books... Save money on shipping costs thanks to its lightness and save time on packaging costs because you don't need to seal your envelope with an adhesive tape anymore thanks to the adhesive strip.

Specific features of the bubble envelope

Ecological : our bubble envelopes earned FSC certification.

Practical : quick and easy seal thanks to the adhesive strip, gain space for storage.

Lightweight : thanks to the lightness of the envelope, you don't pay for the packaging anymore !

Economical : you don't need an adhesive tape nor cushioning materials to wedge products, close and send the envelope, so you save money on the packaging costs.

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Embaleo white bubble envelope - size F 22 x 33 cm

Embaleo white bubble envelope - size F 22 x 33 cm

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