Zip lock bag 20 x 25 cm


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Clear plastic bag, also called "Polybag"

Easy zip lock

Dimensions : 20 x 25 cm

Thickness : 50 microns

Round hanging hole

Suitable for food contact

Our grip-seal bags bear the LDPE-04 logo (for low density polyethylene), which means that the material is recyclable to make new plastic bags and that they are in compliance with the current regulations.

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Zip lock bag 20 x 25 cm
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More info

To pack and gather your objects, use a grip-seal bag !

They are perfect to protect hermetically all the objects, from small to big products !

Say farewell to dust and traces of water !

Organise and gather your objects according to your specific needs :

  • you're moving house ? The zip lock bags can contain screws from a piece of furniture to gather them and not to lose them.
  • Do you want to keep or to send photos ? Gather them thanks to the zip lock bag, they will be protected from water, dust and ageing


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Zip lock bag 20 x 25 cm

Zip lock bag 20 x 25 cm

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