Move easily with Embaleo !

Nowadays, it is rare to stay in the same accomodation lifelong. Whether you do it by choice (you want to change house or region) or by obligation (you have to transfer for your job or you want to follow a specific degree course), moving house is not an ordinary act. So you have to prepare it in advance in order to make sure that everything is all right the D-day.

That's why we offer you a full range of packaging products dedicated to moving and to the protection of your goods and furniture.


  1. Protect your fragile objects
  2. Carry your goods
  3. Seal the cardboard boxes
  4. Forget nothing

Don't wait any longer to discover our range of moving products

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1) Protect your fragile objects : the bubble film and the cardboard box dividers

Before filling the cardboard boxes, you need to take some time to protect your most fragile objects like plates, glasses, bibelots or mirrors. And to do it, there is nothing better than the bubble film ! Composed of a film covered with thousands of air bubbles, the bubble wrap is used as a protective mattress to absorb shocks when your are moving house.

Thanks to its format in rolls, you can cut exactly what you need to wrap and protect your fragile object, no more no less. So, you can save money while ensuring an optimal protection for your goods ! The pieces of furniture can also be wrapped, and particularly the corners, in order to protect them during the transit. But, if you want to block the drawers and the wardrobe doors, you should use a stretch film roll.

Concerning the dishes, you can wrap and protect them with bubble film but there is a more suitable protection :the cardboard box divider. The cardboard box divider consists in a set of cardboard dividers placed in a box in order to wedge and hold in place plates or glasses during the transit.Thanks to it, the dishes won't break or deteriorate.There are several models of cardboard box divider: cardboard dividers for plates, cardboard dividers for glasses.

2) Carry your goods : the cardboard boxes

In order to store and carry your goods easily, you need several cardboard boxes. There are several levels of thickness which determine the loading capacity of the box :

  • the single wall cardboard box has only one corrugated cardboard layer, it is mostly used for the lightweight and/or resistant objects ;
  • the double wall cardboard box has a double layer of corrugated cardboard, it's used for the heavy or fragile objects ;
  • the triple wall cardboard box has a triple layer of corrugated cardboard, so it is very tough and can bear very heavy loads.

Concerning the size, you have the choice between a wide variety of sizes in order to select the boxes which correspond exactly to your criteria.

3) Seal the cardboard boxes : the packaging tape and the tape dispenser

To date, there is still nothing better than the adhesive tape to seal a cardboard box because it's very easy to put, it sticks instantly and it is sold in an economic format (a roll of 100 m long most of the time). Several models of packaging tapes are on the market, they can be distinguished by :

  • the type of adhesive : solvent, acrylic or Hot Melt (water based)
  • the material of the backing film : polypropylene or PVC
  • the colour of the adhesive tape : clear, tan (brown), white

It's good to know that the solvent adhesive has an instant adherence whereas the Hot Melt adhesive is ecological because it is water-based.

To put the packaging tape more easily and quickly, it is recommended to use a dispenser. Thanks to the dispenser, the packaging tape will unroll perfectly and without folding on itself. So, it makes you save time when you are sealing your cardboard boxes.

4) Forget nothing : the moving packs

In order to help you to prepare your move, Embaleo offers you several "Moving" packs which gather all the equipment you need to prepare your moving boxes :

  • single wall and double wall cardboard boxes
  • packaging tape rolls
  • a packaging tape dispenser
  • a stretch film roll
  • a bubble film roll

So, you don't need to worry for your equipment anymore because everything is included in the moving pack !