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The history of Embaleo

Embaleo is a company located in Bailleul, in the North of France.

For 7 years, Embaleo sells packaging products to online sellers. Over the years, the company established strong partnerships with the customers as well as with the suppliers. Nowadays, this company offers a range of products which exceeds a thousand products. This range of products was carefully extanded in order to respond customers' need without compromising quality. The volumes of purchases allow a high competitiveness in terms of price. Embaleo is recognized for its service quality, both in the pieces of advice given and quality of the products. And the delivery keeps on attracting new customers everyday...

Embaleo was created to offer a new supply service for packaging and derivatives to individuals as well as small companies. Of course, the knowledge of the products and the knowledge of the logistics are used to help the Internet user to find the best products at the best prices within the shortest possible period of time. Moreover, the range of products was carefully thought and worked for the customers. Here, you will only find interesting characteristics according to you, making technical verbiage (which will be explained) take a back seat. Similarly, the way we pack postal boxes are adapted to all types of carts (the small which can be put in a box as well as the big which can be sent on a pallet).

Finally, flexibility remains our key word, so we listen to your queries, comments and suggestions. If you don't find a product online, please contact us by email. The product you are looking for is certainly in our offline stock. Otherwise, we will be happy to provide you thanks to our partners.


A variety of skills for an outstanding team

Our team :

  • A director who assures the strategy and the unit cohesion to Embaleo.
  • A manager with a strong business experience.
  • A team of warehousemen have been trained and have chosen this company for a long time, so now they know the products very well as well as all the nooks and crannies of the warehouse aisles.
  • Buyers who know the reliability of their suppliers to lock in pricing and to guarantee delivery times.
  • Technical sales specialists who understood that a partnership builds on trust in the duration : only the best products at the right price...
  • A reception concerned about providing a great welcoming in the office as well as by phone.
  • Computer engineers who ensures the reliability and the security of the website and the intranet portal.


More info...

Our address :

ZI de la Blanche Maison 240 Allée de Strasbourg 59270 Bailleul - France


Phone number :

+33 (0)


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