Our General Sales Conditions

1°) Introduction

The website embaleo-packaging.co.uk is managed by a limited liability company named Embaleo situated in Bailleul and registered on the Trade and Company Register of Dunkerque with the number "523 461 606".

English is the language used on the website.

The aim of these general sales conditions is to inform our costumers about the applicable conditions to sales and deliveries of our products. They list the rights and duties of each in this process. If the customer uses our services and particularly if he (or she) makes an order, he (or she) accepts our general sales terms unconditionally and without any restriction. Furthermore, they prevail over any document or complaint made by the purchaser.

2°) Supply and prices

a- Supply

The products offered by Embaleo were rigorously selected for their qualities and their low prices. The descriptions are intended to be as accurate and detailed as possible. Despite this work of description and selection, only the customer knows precisely his final needs so his (or her) choice of products is under his own responsibility. So, he is the only one who can evaluate the compatibility between Embaleo's products, the use he (or she) wishes to do and other objects, systems or materials that he may possess.

Photos, visuals and graphics used as illustrations on our website are non-contractual and do not engage Embaleo's responsibility.

Characteristics shown on a product datasheet may exceptionally and markedly change provided that this change doesn't modify or degrade the product's functionality and uses described on our website.

Offers are valid only within the limits of available stock.

b- Prices

We are displaying both pre-tax prices and prices including all taxes.

The selling prices of products are those which are in effect at the time the order is registered.

The prices indicated do not include delivery costs which appear during the validation of the order.

Selling prices are subject to change at all times.

3°) Order process

Making orders means that you systematically accept these conditions which do not need a handwritten signature.

If the customer submits an order, he (or she) fully agrees and accepts the quantities, volumes and prices of the ordered products. Moreover, the customer can modify them before the payment during the order process.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the informations completed during the order process are correct. These include the delivery address of the order.Embaleo shall not be liable for any delays or delivery errors in this context and so shipping costs will be transfer to the customer.

Some anti-fraud controls may punctually be led to the customers. In this way, you may provide an additional proof of identification and address by electronic or postal means. In the absence of a response from the customer for this possible request, Embaleo reserves the right to cancel the order.

4°) Payment

In order to settle the order, the customer can pay online by credit card, Paypal, Ogone or bank transfer. We do not accept payments by cheque.

The payment by credit card is cash at the validation of the order on the site.

The customer chooses the means of payment when he (or she) has to submit the order. The customer undertakes to have the necessary permissions to use this means of payment.

We certify that credit card details are not stored in our website, they are securely managed by the provider which processes the reception of the payment. This provider is one of the leaders in its marketplace and has strong references on the European online sale marketplace.

5°) Retention-of-title

The full payment of the order (principal, expenses and taxes included) is needed to transfer full ownership of the products from Embaleo to the customer. Without full payment, Embaleo is allowed to get back these products. Embaleo remains entirely owner of them before the payment.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden for the customer to sell, rent or use as collateral the products before they are fully paid to Embaleo which still remains the owner of them.

The reception of the products involves the transfer of the risks related to them. So, it belongs to the customer to maintain them in a perfect state and to cover these risks (if applicable) by contracting an insurance policy.

6°) The delivery

The delivery is made by our haulage contractor partners who were neatly selected.

We only deliver in mainland France (except Corsica), United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Spain.

The delivery times announced on our website come from the informations given by these haulage contractor partners. They only work for an order submitted before 12 o'clock. A delayed delivery can't be imputed to Embaleo's responsibility and can't provoke the cancel of the order, a decrease of its price or a claim for damages.

The contribution of transportation costs is indexed on the real cost of this service and takes into account the nature and the importance of the order.

Because of the big volume of products, some orders are shipped by pallet. The delivery service does not include the door deliveries. We inform you that it is very important to anticipate the transport of the order by you to your home.

7°) The receipt of the order

We consider that the delivery is done as soon as the customer receives his order, this is attested by the delivery note.

If there is a problem when you receive your order, you must write your reservations on the delivery note and make the delivery man counter-sign it. It belongs to the customer to notice any apparent anomalies (missing product compared to delivery note, damages...) by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt within three days. If it requires to be returned, the resending will be made in accordance with paragraph "Return procedures". The customer must preserve the products in the same condition in which they were delivered.

In the case when you entrust the receipt of your order to a third party, you need to make him (or her) aware that he (or she) is doing it for you so he (or she) has to take care of your products as if they were his (or her) own products.

8°) Withdrawal and guarantees

The withdrawal period is 14 days and begins as soon as the customer receives the whole of his order.

The customer benefits from the money-back guarantee for 14 days from the date he (or she) receives his order. The resending of the product must be conducted in accordance with paragraph 9.

Due to our quality of intermediate and retailer, we give no contractual warranty for the products. The contractual warranty may be given by the manufacturer but it only commits him.

The guaranteed products are only those which notice the "manufacturer" warranty on their online description. Only the equipment is concerned, the other products of the website have no warranty. Moreover, you must enclose the warranty card with the return package. Each of our suppliers takes over an order for different times, so we will inform you about it.

9°) Return procedures

Before returning a product, whatever the reason, the customer has to receive the prior agreement from Embaleo. The request may be submitted by email or telephone. Embaleo will assign a return number for the product. Embaleo may pay the return cost in some cases.

If the customer returns a product within the context of a withdrawal, he must return the product in perfect condition for resale and in their original packaging.

Generally, all the costs and risks related to the resending of a product is the responsibility of the customer except in the case of a non-compliant product or if we take over a resending approved by us (see above).

10°) Tax

Every order has a bill inclusive of tax. The customers who are eligible to benefit from a tax removal will be entitled to be refunded the French VAT.

Embaleo reserves the right to refuse any request of tax refund which does not conform these terms and conditions as well as the customs terms and conditions.

The requests for tax refund and intracommunity VAT must be sent before the billing of products.

11°) Legal notices and responsibilities

a- Waste management, the duties :

As regards electrical and electronic equipment for professional or personal use on sale on our website, we draw your attention to your responsibility to organize and finance the waste removal and their handling in accordance with article 18 of the French decree No. 2005-829 of 20 July 2005.

As regards the different types of wrapping, we invite you to manage the waste removal and their handling in accordance with current regulations.

b- Information Technology and Freedom

In compliance with the provisions made by the French law called "Informatique et Libertés" (Information Technology and Freedom) No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access and rectify your personal data. You can exercise this right online or by sending a post to our address : "EMBALEO - ZI de la Blanche Maison 240 Allée de Strasbourg 59270 Bailleul, France".

According to the choices you have made when you registered on our website, you may receive offers from our website or from our partners. If you want to change this choice, you can do it via your space "My account" or by sending a letter.

The registration and treatment of data made on our website has been declared to the CNIL (French National Commission on Information Technology and Liberties) on the following number "1440307".

c- Extent of the scope of General Sales Conditions :

If, despite every care taken by our judicial service, one or several conditions written in this page are regarded as null or considered as invalid under a law, a regulation or a case law, the other conditions are still valid.

d- Responsibility :

Due to our quality of intermediate and retailer, we are not liable to pay for any compensation towards the user or towards a third party, whether direct or indirect damages, injury to persons, damage to property separate from our material, loss of profit or loss of earnings.

Embaleo cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use of the products it is selling. It belongs to the user to ensure the compatibility of products purchased on our website with his own products, materials, etc. If you want more details about the characteristics of a product, contact us. We recommend that you make some contact tests on non-visible faces of your products before using them. The titles and the descriptions written on the product datasheet are destined to guide the customer in his choices, they don't give guarantee about the reliability of one use in particular. They can't exhaustively take into account all the possible uses of a product and all the potential damage that an improper use can cause. So, it belongs to the user to be cautious, take precautions and to ensure that the intended use of the product is coherent and risk-free.

12°) Attribution of jurisdiction

Any litigation relative to the interpretation, the execution or the breach of the contract, circumscribed by these terms and conditions, will be governed by French law. In case of a dispute for any reason whatsoever, only the commercial courts of Dunkirk is recognized and accepted as jurisdiction.

13°) Miscellaneous

We put your attention on the fact that some hypertext links inserted on the website embaleo-packaging.co.uk may refer to other websites.

We do not bear the responsibility of a non-respect of the current regulations by these websites.