Bubble envelope

Discover our full range of padded envelopes made of kraft paper on the outside and bubble wrap on the inside. You can choose between two brands : Mail Lite and Embaleo. These two brands are available in different sizes, so you will find the envelope that you need.


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The advantages of the bubble envelope

The padded envelope has a lot of advantages : first, its lightness which doesn't increase the shipping cost (only the weight of the good will be taken into account). Then, it's eco-friendly because its paper comes from sustainably managed forests (FSC certification) and because the kraft paper is recyclable. Finally, the bubble envelope has an adhesive strip to close easily (you don't need to buy an adhesive tape).

Bubble envelope from Embaleo

Embaleo bubble envelopes

Let's begin with our brand Embaleo which has a great value for money : from 0.05 € price excluding VAT. There are 8 different sizes from 10 x 16 cm until 35 x 47 cm. These padded envelopes can send many objects like little books, jewels, toys, etc.

Gold Mail Lite bubble envelope

Mail Lite bubble envelopes

Mail Lite padded envelopes are available in 3 models : White Mail Lite envelopes, Gold Mail Lite envelopes and Mail Lite Tuff envelopes. White and brown bubble envelopes are available in a full range of sizes : from 10 x 16 cm to 35 x 47 cm. These numerous sizes help you to send all the goods you want, from the tiniest fragile object (USB key, CD, etc.) to the biggest (toys, magazines, etc.). Furthermore, white Mail Lite padded envelope has a special format to send CD (18 x 16 cm).

Mail Lite Tuff bubble envelope

An unusual bubble envelope : Mail Lite Tuff

Mail Lite Tuff bubble envelope is entirely covered with plastic (polyethylene), which makes it waterproof. It is only available in one size : 18 x 26 cm.

With our full range of padded envelopes, you will find the appropriate envelope to send goods easily and quickly !


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