Cardboard box

The cardboard is one of the most used materials to be used as a packaging. It is stronger than the paper and it has a low manufacturing cost, so it is a perfect material to ship or carry all kinds of things.

Moreover, it is 100 % recyclable, this is really important in a world increasingly focused on sustainable development.

Thanks to our range of products, you can discover all the packaging materials made of cardboard, most of them meet customer's needs.

moving packs with cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes and packs

We offer you a full range of cardboard boxes with different sizes and shapes in order to help you to carry your goods while moving or shipping. It is important to know how to distinguish a single wall cardboard box, which is used to carry light objects, from a double wall cardboard box, which is more resistant and can be used to transport heavy objects.

But, if you feel lost with all our models of cardboard boxes and if you are not sure to have everything you need to move house, we also offer you moving packs. There are several models: for small moving or for big moving with different quantities of cardboard boxes. That way, you are sure you don't forget anything the D-day.

cardboard bottle box

Bottles boxes

If you want to send a bottle of alcohol as a gift to a loved one, the best solution is the bottle box. You can safely send from 1 to 6 bottles of alcohol according to the type of box thanks to:

  • its assembly which is easy and rapid
  • its cushioning module : made of stiff double wall cardboard, it can keep the bottles in suspension (in order to absorb the shocks)
  • its closure : some boxes have an adhesive strip on the bottom and on the lid to close quickly

However, if you want to ship other goods than bottles, you can use mailing boxes. Discover our full range of postal boxes here.



cardboard dividers for plates

Cardboard box dividers

If you don't know what a "cardboard box divider" is, just know that it is a tough board made of corrugated cardboard which is used to divide the content of a box in order to prevent any risk of breakage. In our shop, you will find two types of dividers: one divider for plates and the other one for glasses. You just have to choose the one you need!

Corrugated cardboard

The roll of corrugated cardboard is used as a separator. It wraps, protects and wedges the cardboard boxes on the pallet. On our shop, there are sold in rolls of several widths: 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm.


archive box

Archive and storage boxes

At last, the cardboard can also be used to organize documents and archives. On our shop, you will find a wide range of storage boxes and archives boxes to store your important documents. That way, you can file your documents thematically, protect them from the dust (and other damage) and especially, organize them in order to save space in your workplace.

So now, you can be no more excuses not to send a bottle of wine to your friend, or not to decide to move or organize your workplace! Embaleo offers you all the appropriate products to help you at any moment.


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