What are the qualities of the cardboard box?

The cardboard is still an inevitable packaging material in the industrial sector like a product packaging, in the postal sector like a shipping material or in the moving sector like a transport box. Why the cardboard is still so used nowadays? What are its qualities? Here is a list of the main qualities of the cardboard box.

square single wall cardboard box 20 x 20 x 20

1) The cardboard is solid

Contrary to received wisdom, the cardboard is a resistant material which, once manufactured into a box, can carry heavy loads (several tens of kilograms). That's why we use it to move house.

This is due to its structure: the wall of the cardboard determines the thickness of the box. It contains one or several corrugated papers which are located between two flat papers. If there is one corrugated paper, we are talking about "single wall cardboard box ". If there are two corrugated papers, we are talking about "double wall cardboard box ". If there are three corrugated papers, we are talking about "triple wall cardboard box ". And we are stopping here with the number of walls!

Of course, the more a cardboard box has walls, the more solid it is and it will resist heavy loads. So, if you want to pack fragile and/or heavy goods, you should use a double wall cardboard box or a triple wall cardboard box. For small and/or resistant objects, you can use a single wall cardboard box.

double wall cardboard box 20 x 15 x 12 cm

2) The cardboard is multipurpose

The cardboard box can be used for a lot of uses! It can be used as:

  • a transport box to move house or to deliver a parcel
  • a shipping material to send small parcels by post
  • a product packaging for every kind of products (perfume, food, toys, computer, medication, etc.)
  • a storage box to put away your archives and other objects that you don't use often

It is used in all aspects of modern life, so you can't forget it!

A4 archive box

3) The cardboard is practical

The cardboard box is handy because it takes up very little space when not in use. You just have to flatten it to keep it in a narrow place. You can ever decide to store dozens of flattened cardboard boxes together, it will not be bulky! That's far more practical than the rigid plastic or wooden boxes.

But that's not all: even when it is assembled in a box and contains goods, you can store it easily thanks to its rectangular shape! You just have to stack the cardboard boxes on top of each other. They are closed with solid flaps so the upper part of the box is still flat and they can resist to a pile of cardboard boxes.

CD and DVD box

4) The cardboard box is available in different sizes

There is a lot of types and sizes of cardboard boxes in order to respond to the growing demand of the market. Here is a non-exhaustive list of these cardboard boxes:

  • the simple/double/triple wall cardboard box : perfect to move house and to carry many goods at the same time
  • the GALIA cardboard box : a specific type of box designed for the automobile sector, available with or without lid
  • the clothing box : a specific type of box designed for the clothing sector and the distance selling
  • the bottle box : equipped with cardboard cushioning modules to keep the bottle in place
  • the postal box : a specific type of box designed to send small parcels by post, available with or without adhesive strip
  • the mailing box for CD, DVD and books : equipped with internal flaps to keep CD, DVD or books in place during transport
  • the shipping tube : square-shaped or round-shaped box, perfect to ship posters or documents without creasing or folding them (they are rolled)
  • the archive box : ideal to store important documents
  • the storage box : perfect to store small pieces like screws and bolts or small accessories

Bottle box

5) The cardboard is eco-friendly and recyclable

Last, the main quality: the cardboard packaging is eco-friendly ! If you compare the cardboard material with the plastic material, you will see that the cardboard has many benefits to the environment:

  • it is recyclable, so you can reuse it to create a new packaging (you don't need to cut down a new tree !)
  • it is biodegradable,
  • it disintegrates faster in the nature : it takes 5 months for the cardboard material whereas it takes 1000 years for the plastic material !

All these benefits make the cardboard the best packaging for all the human activities but also to protect our beautiful planet!


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