How to send a CD or a DVD?

With the rise of the online selling of the last few years, sellers no longer hesitate to ship their goods all over Europe but also worldwide. Private individuals also send their goods they no longer need thanks to classified ads. This includes CD and DVD because you can sell them easily.

Which packaging would you use to ship CD / DVD?

There are many packages to send DVD or CD safely. Some of them can be used alone whereas the others need to be combined with a cushioning material (kraft paper, air cushion, etc.).

postal box for CD

Postal box for CD, DVD and books

This is the most appropriate packaging to send CD and DVD. Indeed, it has internal flaps to surround and wedge CD or DVD cases. So, they won't deteriorate during transit. Its adhesive strip keeps everything in place. You just have to pull the tab to open the parcel. An here is the icing on the cake: you can send several CD or DVD at the same time!

Qualities: keep the products in place thanks to its internal flaps, solid and resistant

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bubble envelope for cd

Bubble envelope

The bubble envelope is a very protective packaging material. You can use it to send fragile objects or CD/DVD to make sure they will reach the destination intact. Thanks to its layer of thousands of bubbles, nothing will damage your goods! We recommend you to use it to send one CD or DVD. In our range of bubble envelopes, you will find a specific model of bubble envelope for CD from 18 x 16 cm.

Qualities: very protective, lightweight, flexible and resistant

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cardboard envelope

Cardboard envelope

The cardboard envelope can send CD or DVD only if you do it separately. Indeed, it is up to 5 cm thick (some models do not exceed 2.5 cm thick). Its main quality is to be stiff in order to keep the CD or DVD in place without flap. It will protect the CD or DVD from any bumps and knocks because nothing will pierce it.

Qualities: keep the products in place without flap, stiff and resistant

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flat postal box


Flat postal box

The flat postal box is a packaging between the simple letters with the prices of ordinary mails and the parcels. Thanks to it, you can ship goods of less than 3 cm thick. So, it is an appropriate shipping solution for CD and DVD. Don't forget to wedge your product in the box, with kraft paper for example, in order not to get damaged during transit. You can place several CD or DVD inside the flat postal box, that way they keep each other in place!

Qualities: small thickness, impact and shock resistant

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mailing box


Mailing box

The mailing box is the most famous shipping material. There are many sizes in order to find the right size for your goods. There are several models of mailing boxes, for example the mailer box with a second adhesive strip to return the goods. Our range of postal boxes contains a specific model for DVD from 20 x 14 x 7,5 cm in which you can place several DVD.

Qualities : rigid and stiff, it can send several CD or DVD at the same time

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How much does it cost to send a parcel?

Well, it depends on the weight of your parcel. Here is a table with the price for the first and second class letters and parcels sent by the Post Office:

Format and Max MeasurementsMax Weight1st Class Price2nd Class Price
Letter (24 x 16.5x 0.5 cm)100g65p56p
Large letter
(35.3 x 25 x 2.5 cm)
Small parcel
(45 x 35 x 16 cm)
Medium parcel
(61 x 46 x 46 cm)