How does a bubble envelope cost?

Nowadays, we are sending more and more parcels. There are several shipping materials which are appropriate for each type of object. For example, the bubble envelope is perfect to transport fragile objects like CD, DVD, small electronic components, figurines, key rings or small ornaments (souvenirs). But how does it cost to send a bubble envelope?

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Bubble envelope to protect your goods

If the bubble envelope, also called "padded envelope", is so used to send fragile goods, this is because it has a film with thousands of air bubbles inside which is literally a protective padding against bumps and knocks. So, your goods can't break during their transport towards the customer. Outside, there is a solid kraft paper which won't tear up. The whole envelope is very light, so you won't pay any additional cost for the shipping cost of the parcel.

A multitude of bubble envelopes!

We have a full range of padded envelopes with all the possible sizes but also several colours and bubble diameters.

What are the different sizes?

There are 11 sizes of bubble envelopes from 10 x 16 cm, which is perfect to send samples or small electronic components, to 35 x 47 cm which is perfect to ship calendars or toys. In the intermediate sizes, you will find a specific size of bubble envelope for CD from 18 x 16 cm and a specific size for DVD and video games (bubble envelope 18 x 26 cm).

What are the different colours?

Our range of bubble envelopes is available in white and in light brown (also called "Gold").

What are the different diameters?

You can choose between two bubble diameters:

  • the standard diameter of 10 mm for a standard protection
  • the diameter of 18 mm for a better shock absorption

With a 18 mm diameter bubble envelope, you are sure to protect efficiently your goods because these bubbles are as protective as a cardboard packaging... for less money !

We also offer you our range of padded envelopes that delivers incomparable value of money.

padded envelope for CD

What can we send with a bubble envelope?

You can send a wide range of items thanks to the many sizes of padded envelopes we offer. For example, you can send:

  • books of all sizes: A4 size, A5 size, comics, mangas, pocket books, etc.
  • stationery items: photo album, diary, calendar, notebook, pen, etc.
  • electronic products: USB key, SD card, mobile phone case, battery charger, headphones, etc.
  • cultural goods: DVD, CD, video games, etc.
  • games: board game, toy, jigsaw puzzle, etc.
  • valuables: jewellery, watch, etc.
  • beauty products: makeup, perfume, skin care, hair accessories, etc.
  • arts and crafts supplies: paint, brush, pencil, etc.
  • kitchen utensils: kitchen glove, potholder, spatula, corkscrew, etc.
  • tools: screwdriver, screws and bolts, spare part, measuring device, etc.
  • sporting goods: ping-pong ball, tennis racket, etc.

Mail Lite padded bubble envelope

How much does a bubble envelope postage cost?

Well, it depends on the weight of your parcel. The bubble envelope can be as light as it can, you still need to pay a postage cost for your parcel!

Here is a table with the price for the first and second class letters and parcels sent by the Post Office:

Format and Max MeasurementsMax Weight1st Class Price2nd Class Price
Letter (24 x 16.5x 0.5 cm)100g65p56p
Large letter
(35.3 x 25 x 2.5 cm)
Small parcel
(45 x 35 x 16 cm)
Medium parcel
(61 x 46 x 46 cm)