How to send an item of clothing?

Online shopping is growing fast nowadays, almost half of the Internet users have already bought an item of clothing online. Websites selling clothes are no longer restricted to new clothes because we can now buy second-hand clothes. With the arrival of websites like Vinted, the clothing market flies high and more and more people want to ship items of clothing but they don't know how to do it. What packaging to use? How does it cost? What can we do not to be too expensive? Can we send an item of clothing by the post office? So many questions we are answering here...


What packaging to use to ship clothes? Which packaging material to choose to send clothes?

There are several packaging materials in order to send a parcel with a piece of clothing. Here is apresentation of these shipping materials.

flat postal box

Opaque plastic mailing bag

The most famous is the opaque plastic mailing bag because it is used by the distant sellers. This mailer bag is the best packaging material to send an item of clothing because it is light and resistant at the same time. Renowned to be waterproof and tearproof, it protects clothes from rain and dust. Thanks to its lightweight, you save money on shipping costs. Several sizes are available, so you can send t-shirts, trousers or coats. With one single mailing bag, you can ship several items of clothing.

Qualities: lightweight, flexible and resistant, suitable for any piece of clothing (several sizes available)

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flat postal box

Flat postal box

The flat postal box is a small postal box of less than 3 cm thick. It is between the simple letter and the parcel. Thanks to its small thickness, you are sure that your item of clothing will be wedged in the box. We recommend you to send one piece of clothing per box (except if your t-shirts are very thin). You can't put all the clothing inside this flat postal box, here is a non-exhaustive list of compatible clothes: t-shirt, shirt, dress, skirt, scarf, underwear... And baby clothes!

Qualities: stiff, impact and shock resistant

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bubble envelope

Bubble envelope

We no longer present the bubble envelope which became an inevitable shipping material since the rising of the distant selling! Even if it is mostly used to send fragile goods (they are protected by the air bubbles), the bubble envelope can also ship clothes. Its low weight will help you to save money on shipping costs. There are a lot of sizes, we recommend you to choose the larger sizes in order to have enough space to place your piece of clothing inside.

Qualities: lightweight, flexible and resistant

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mailing box

Mailing box

The mailing box, also called "mailer box" or "postal box", can be used to send several items of clothing at the same time. Thanks to its large size, you can ship a pair of shoes (you need to add kraft paper to wedge and protect them during transit).

There are several types of mailing boxes:

  • the standard mailing boxes that you can't use it again once it is opened
  • the mailer boxes with a second adhesive strip to return the piece of clothing to the sender (this is perfect for the distant seller)
  • the postal boxes for CD, DVD and books which has internal flaps to surround and wedge CD or DVD cases and books

Qualities: rigid and stiff, it can send several items of clothing at the same time

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How much does it cost to send a piece of clothing?

Well, it depends on the weight of your parcel. Here is a table with the price for the first and second class letters and parcels sent by the Post Office:

Format and Max MeasurementsMax Weight1st Class Price2nd Class Price
Letter (24 x 16.5x 0.5 cm)100g65p56p
Large letter
(35.3 x 25 x 2.5 cm)
Small parcel
(45 x 35 x 16 cm)
Medium parcel
(61 x 46 x 46 cm)