Box dividers for plates


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Cardboard box dividers for plates

You can store from 12 to 13 plates with them

It helps you to avoid breaking the plates when you are moving house

It is suitable for plates with a maximum of 28 cm in diameter

It fits on a 36 litres cardboard box with dimensions of 40 x 30 x 30 cm (not included)

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Box dividers for plates
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Pack of 5 24,75 € 4,95 € No available


Pack of 10 47,50 € 4,75 €
No available

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The cardboard box partitions help you to store the tableware (glasses or plates depending on the model of the divider) safely and protect it from shocks and scratches. Very efficient when you move house.


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Box dividers for plates

Box dividers for plates

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