Wrapping : bubble wrap, foam wrap, stretch film, shrink wrap and kraft paper 

Wrapping : bubble wrap, foam wrap, stretch film, shrink wrap and kraft paper

Let's discover our range of bubble wrap, foam film, paper kraft, stretch film and shrink wrap rolls. Many sizes available.

  • Bubble wrap

    Different models of bubble wrap rolls to pack and protect all kinds of objects.
  • Foam wrap

    The foam wrap is the best protective film to pack and protect fragile objects. Take a look at the different sizes of the foam film. Strong points of the foam wrap : low weight protective...
  • Kraft paper

    The kraft paper is the ideal protective wrap to wedge goods in cardboard boxes. Take a look at our different models : kraft paper roll, kraft paper sheet… Strong points of the kraft paper :...
  • Stretch film

    Discover our different stretch film rolls to wrap your cardboard boxes together on a pallet. Strong points of the stretch film : waterproof, so the rain and dust can't go through the stretch...
  • Shrink wrap

    The GSP shrink wrap can be used for different purposes. Its solidity and suppleness protect your objets from bumps and knocks. Strong points of the shrink wrap : high capacity of shrinking...
  • Plastic film and protective foil

    The plastic foil is used to pack efficiently different parcels in a pallet. And the protective film is used to protect the pallet from the rain and the humidity. Thanks to them, you can send your...
  • Polyethylene layflat tubing

    The polythene layflat tubing is ideal to pack and wrap all kinds of products very quickly.
  • Wrapping dispensers

    If you want to unroll rapidly your bubble wrap rolls ou kraft paper rolls, use a wrapping dispenser. Let's discover our different models of wrapping dispensers.